Keeping Pets with Their Families

The Sedona Grace Foundation was created to keep pets with their families through difficult times. A recent New York Times article states that “animal shelters have reported a steep rise in the number of cats and dogs being surrendered as owners face unemployment, home foreclosures, evictions and other financial hardships.” That's where we can help.

A pet is more than just an animal. They are often a source of comfort and security for a family. They are a bona fide member just like any other. It is important that pets receive proper nutrition and care. But more importantly, families should stay together and fewer pets are surrendered to shelters.

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Help By The Numbers*

• 23,515 Canine Care Packages
• 5,091 XL Canine Care Packages
• 3,500 Feline Care Packages

*To date we have delivered 74+ tons of pet food to central Ohio food pantries. 

Help From the Heart

"Thanks so much for the 509 pounds of dog food that you donated. Our neighbors of the community that are in need appreciate all that we can do for them due to people like you." from The Healthy Worthington Food Source and Pantry

"Friends, you are angels here at WARM. Wish you could see just how happy you make families when they see the pet food. We appreciate your ongoing donation. Your recent 77 pounds was such a BIG help." from Westerville Area Resource Ministry